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Franklin County Buses

Bus # Drivers and Routes



Red Bay School Bus Information


09-11         Patty Robbins            5TH Court, Free Will, Friendship, Hwy. 24, Sunny Street


09-3           Jon Petree           10 th Ave. to Hospital Road on 11 North Golden Road, Hospital + Tiffin Motor Home Repair


09-5          Neva Armstrong          Halltown, 247, Garrison Hollow Road, New Union Church, Burnout, Plus Gary's Old Route


09-7          Royce Miller              Red Bay old village, Swimming Pool Area, Main Street


09-8          Michelle Wooten         Old Vina Road, Village Green, Hwy. 19


09-09        Denise Morrow           Behind school, Hwy. 11 South, Water Plant Road


09-32          Ed Crane                   Weatherford Library, Hwy. 11 North to 10th Ave. from Little Treasures to Pogo, Hardin Trailer Park,  Hargett Trailer Park 


09-4         Gary Lindsey              Ridge Road MS, Hwy. 23, Snake Smith Road, Bennett Road, Fairview Banner, State Line Road


Sub Drivers:

                        Alvie Thorne               

                        Murray Morrow            

                        Tasha Petree              



Lineup Order

Neva(L), Patty(R), Royce(L), Michelle(R), Denise(L), Gary(R), Laura(L), John(R)


Bus Shop - Ron Harris    ext. 1202