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Candi Fuller Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

 Kindergarten Daily Schedule

7:35   Welcome & Breakfast

7:53    Pledge of Allegiance, Alma Mater, Music, Calendar, Movement (Circle Time)

8:10     Handwriting and Journal writing; worksheets to reinforce skills. 

8:40     Let's Get Together; Rhyme Time; Morning Message (Carpet Time)

9:25     Tier 2 Small Groups - Intervention

10:05   Lunch

10:45   Stepping Stones/Scott Foresman (Carpet Time or Seat)

11:05    Go Math (Seat Work/Small Group Instruction)

12:00   Snack

12:15    P.E.

1:00    Story Tree (Carpet Time)

1:15   Pack up/restroom/rest time

2:25   Let's Think About It (Review day and skills covered)

2:55   Dismiss