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D'Andra Robinson Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

7:30-7:55       Breakfast and Handwriting

8:00-8:45       Physical Education

8:50-9:20       Carpet Time (calendar, weather, sight words, story of week)

9:20-10:00     Whole Group Reading/Reading small groups

10:00-10:10   Pledge and lunch preparations

10:10-10:35   Lunch

10:35-10:50   bathroom and movement through music

10:50-11:30   Math

11:30-12:00   Math and literacy labs

12:00-12:15   Literacy Labs and small group reading

12:45-1:00     Snack

1:00-1:30      Story time

1:30-2:30      Rest time and Tier 2

2:30-2:50      Readying for home

2:50              Load buses