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Classroom Discipline Procedures  

Class Infractions:

·         Disrespectful    

·         Disruptive

·         Food/Drink/Gum

·         Unprepared

·         Off Task

·         Cell Phone

1st Infraction: Verbal Warning

2nd Infraction: Verbal Warning

3rd Infraction: Verbal Warning

4th Infraction: Break Detention and Call Parent

5th Infraction: Office Referral


Students are expected to be in class sitting in their desk before the tardy bell rings. If a student is not in his/her assigned area before the tardy bell rings, then the student will be counted as tardy.

1st Tardy: Teacher Discretion

2nd Tardy: Teacher Discretion

3rd Tardy: Parent Notification

*4th Tardy: 1 days ISS or Corporal Punishment

5th Tardy: 1 Days ISS

6th Tardy: 1 Days ISS

**7th Tardy: Minimum 1 Days ISS

*Four (4) or more tardies will be reported to administration as a referral.

** Seven (7) tardies to first period shall result in loss of parking privileges.

Description of Punishments:

·         Tardiness and Class Infractions will be counted separately.

·         Read student handbook for ISS and Corporal Punishments

·         Break Detention is new and works as follows: Taylors’ Room (7th-9th Grade) or Pounds’ Room (10th-12th).

Syllabus 2019-2020  

Syllabus 2019-2020


Objectives: I will list all objectives on the board for each lesson or unit, so that we are all aware of what our goals are for the day. 


Grading Policy:

Daily Grades/Homework: 50%

Test Grades: 50%

 ** Two drop grade will be given each nine-weeks. One homework grade and one test/quiz grade. (8 drop grades per school year)** 


Classroom Procedures: 

·         When coming into class, you should have a pencil, paper, and binder. 

·         When coming into class, take a seat and begin your bell-work as soon as the bell rings. 

·         Bell-work will be given every day; therefore, be prepared to work hard, work alone, ask questions, and take notes. Doing so will allow you to have a better understanding of the materials, provide you a chance to correct your work, and will allow you to ask me any questions or voice any concerns you may have. Furthermore, it will allow me to have an idea of what you do or do not know, and it will help me plan our lesson for the day. 

·         In class, do not blurt out answers. Raise your hand. If I want everyone to answer, I will specify. 

·         During independent work, you will work alone and be quiet. If you have any questions, ask me first. 

·         During group work, you will be in many different groups, so do not complain and work together. There is a reason you have been placed in that group. Everyone has a specific purpose in your groups, and the groups will change almost every time. 

·         When you get into your groups, you will have 30 seconds to get in your groups quietly. 

·         I expect everyone to work hard in this class, ask questions, and be determined to accomplish all math task. 

·         If someone misses a problem or answers incorrectly, do not laugh or make jokes. Be polite to each other. 

·         Homework will be given. I will do my best to limit the amount of homework you will have, but if you do not finish classwork or I see you need the practice, then you will have to finish it for homework. (They have homework almost everynight in my class.)

·         If you are struggling in class, please come see me. We can make arrangements to get you more help. 


Classroom Rules: 

·         Be respectfulto your classmates and your teacher. 

·         Attend class. If you miss class, then you will get behind. If you are not here, then I cannot teach you, so please come to class if at all possible. (Be familiar with the School policy) 

·         Be on time to class. If you arrive late, then you are already behind, and you will disrupt the class. 

·         Make up your missed work: I will not accept late work.If you turn it in late, then you will receive a zero. This is also referring to missing school. If you do not turn in your missed work within those required days of returning to school, then you will also receive a zero. I have a lot of students to take care of, so please be considerate of your teacher and turn in your work within an appropriate amount of time. (Be aware of the school policy) 

·         Be prepared for class. 

·         Respect school property. 

·         No cell phones in class.I will require you to put your phone in the shoe holder as you come into class. No exceptions will be made. If I need you to use your phone, then I will specify. 


I have read and agree to all policies, procedures, and rules stated in this syllabus. 

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