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Student Grades, Discipline, Etc

Parental Involvement  


Please remember that you are the bottom line where your child is concerned.  Their success depends on your expectations and support.  In order for your child to be successful in any subject, they must practice (practice in math is working problems over and over until the process comes naturally).  Please, do not tell your child that you were not good in math because this gives them an EXCUSE to not do well.  Mathematical abilities are not genetic; they are learned through practice and repetition.  At this point, your child must know his/her MULTIPLICATION and ADDITION facts without having to count them up.  This skill should have been acquired in elementary school.  Also, when your child is not at school, he/she is missing instruction that he/she must receive on their own or with your help.  Please, make sure your child is here if at all possible so that exams may be exempted at the end of each semester.  The exams count 20%, 1/5 of the semester average.  Tests will be sent home to be signed with the current average in order for you to monitor the success of your child. 

Please help us provide your child with the best education possible. 

Thank you for your support,

Shay Pounds