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Tennis - Boys

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Boys Tennis at Red Bay High School



 Red Bay High School Tennis Team Newsletter


__________Every New Tennis Team Member MUST PAY $25   tennis fee

This must be paid before you can practice with the team.

__________Physical form (Dated)

__________Proof Medical Insurance

_________ Sell 20 dozen of KrispyKreme Doughnuts   , or pay $60

__________Sign for Drug Screening Policy (Extracurricular Sports)

_________ STAR Sportmanship certificate (Taken

_________Concussion Form signed by Parent/Guardian.

_________AHSAA Student/Parent Release Form

  Red Bay High School Tennis Commitment Form (Sign one copy of newsletter and keep other copy)

I am committing to attend all team matches (unless authorized by coach) and (Monday-Wednesday Practices)




Please review match schedule;;;;;;;;;If you can't make a match, contact Coach

                                                           Practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday    Weather Permitting-- 48 degrees

*** In order to practice with the team, each new player must pay the - $25 Tennis Athletic Fee .............

This fee does not guarantee anyone that they will play in any tennis match. It only guarantees that the person will be able to practice and be in the team picture. RBHS has a no-cut policy for tennis tryouts. Physical form must be turned in before practice by each team member.

Spring Fundraiser Wednesday. Feb. 26 Tennis courts Deadline for money/order form is Monday,

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Order Forms are available from Coach  on Feb. 1, All members are required to sell 20 dozen of doughnuts. Anyone not selling 20 dozen will be charged a surcharge ($60.00) and/or may tea


Websites: !

Practice-----------If temperature is 48 degrees, there will be practice.


SUMMER TENNIS    You surely played summer circuit tennis tournaments  in the Shoals AREA last summer on Saturdays, along with 4 usta tournaments. If not, please don't complain about your losses to opponents or lack of practice. The spring tennis season with weather and conflicts is not a good time to improve your tennis game very much. In order to compete and have a chance to win sectional, one must include private lessons and 2-3 hours of quality court time for several years       LINEUP The lineup is determined by the coach. Several things link the position of each player in singles and doubles. These include: a round robin tournament against each other, years of playing on the RBHS Tennis Teams, previous sectional tournaments, previous state tournaments. practice time, availability, age, and finally and most importantly, the opinion of the coach. You must put in court time in tennis. If you have not been on the courts at least 3-4 days on a weekly basis during August,Sept,Oct.Jan,Feb , you are not interested in tennis very much. Check by the courts everyday. You sure will not be a good tennis player if you leave the court area at 3 pm as soon as school is out. Note: If you have a part time job, it will be difficult to be very successful at high school state tennis.During February and March, A good high school player will be hitting tennis about 5 or 6 days per week. 3 sets of tennis per day with 30 minutes on ball machine. For a chance at the state championship, a player will have put 2--4-- hours per day of quality court time for several years. Of course, if you are a great athlete, this time could be reduced. 4-7 USTA Tournaments are required to compete for state rankings......................4 to 7 tournaments-- Private lessons from a tennis professional are essential for competing for a state championship. SUMMER TENNIS TOURNAMENTS (Saturday's)If you did not play 6 tournaments in the summer, you should not complain about your position on the lineup. LOCAL Tournaments on Saturday---SUMMERS------JR Circuit Local Saturday's (Muscle Shoals, Russellville,

 RBHS TENNIS SCHEDULE      HOME away #Section Matche

Tuesday, March 17 at Sheffield (Boys only)

Wednesday, March 18 vs. Decatur Heritage Girls, Boys  HOME

Thursday, March 19  vs. Lexington at NWSCC Girls,Boys#

Friday, March 20 vs Lauderdale County   Girls, Boys HOME

Wednesday, April 2 vs Sheffield Boys # HOME

Monday, April 7 vs. Sheffield  


Thursday, April 9 at Belmont  Boys, Girls

Monday, April 13    8 am Sectional at Florence Boys, Girls


Red Bay High School Tennis began in 1990. Red Bay is located in Northwest Alabama, a part of Franklin County, Alabama. Red Bay Tennis Teams have qualified for the AHSAA STATE Tournament 17 times since 1990. Red Bay competes in the Alabama High School Athletic Association, Class A-2A-3A Division, Section IV




1991 Boys

 1996 Boys

 1997 Boys Girls

 1998 Boys Girls Sectional Champions

 1999 Boys Sectional Champions

 2000 Boys Girls Sectional Champions

 2003 Girls

 2004 Boys Girls

 2005 Boys

 2006 Boys----- Sectional Champions

 2007 Boys ----Sectional Champions (7th Place-State)

 2008 Boys---- Sectional Champions (5th Place- AHSAA State)

 4 Singles Players in SEMIS, 2 Doubles Teams in SEMIS

 2009 Boys----Sectional Champions




Red Bay High School


Phone 256-331-2270               FAX 256-331-2281   




STAR Sportsmanship Program


To All RBHS Athletes:


Beginning with the 2008-09 school year, every athlete and cheerleader in grades 7 – 12 must complete the STAR Sportsmanship program online in order to be eligible to participate in athletics.  Below are the instructions for the program.  When you complete the program, you must print the certificate and bring it to me.  It is a requirement by the AHSAA that your certificate be kept on file with your other eligibility information.  Please get this program completed as quickly as possible.


 Kenny Sparks



Your school's STAR code is STAR00123.


To Access STAR Sportsmanship as a Student:

Go to:

Choose "Student Sign In".

Enter your login:  STAR Login (1 code per school)

Confirm your "school's" information.

Select your grade---  choose Advanced Middle School

Click "Register".

Enter your first and last name.  DO NOT ENTER NICKNAMES OR ALIASES

You will then be taken through a 10 question pre-test, then into the program.  Upon finishing the program, you can print the students' Completion Certificate and turn it into your coach.








 Prices for





Lessons available from Mike Claiborne, Turtle Point Country Club, Killen, AL in Florence Area


 Turtle Point Yacht & Country Clu

Mike Claiborne-USPTA Director of Tennis 256-757-0205

One High School Tennis Coach 256 810-0764 $25/hr

Jack Dugan, Russellville 256-668-4578 

Sonny Glasgow, 256-668-2513    $28/hr for Single, $30/hr for Two people, $32/hr for Three, $34 for 4 people


Tennis Teams usually practice from 2:00 til 4:00

Tennis is an individual sport whereby to be a good high school tennis player -you must play summer tournaments,
and put in time on the tennis courts against teammates when the coaches are
not present.
All information is available on the click on sports,
then boys or girls tennis.
Spring does not allow much time for adequate improvement in tennis through
tennis team practices.









Match Day Reminders and Tennis Team Tips



Please review the schedule.   (Let me know if you will not be able to attend a match.)        Items to have for a tennis match  1) Please bring a thermos with water and gatorade/powerade   2) ........Bring a towel    3)  jacket,   extra shirt, etc.........   4)  you should have 2 (two) tennis rackets   5) cell phone on vibrate/silent   Each member of the tennis team when playing another school, should have on Red Bay logo..........T-shirts, uniforms, dresses, etc. should have monogrammed logo................         Match Day.  Try not check out on match day.  Bring your stuff and become responsible for items needed.  These include: racket, towel, thermos for on-court water and beverage,  hooded jacket, uniform,  money, warmup pants, etc.  If you are playing a match against another school, you should have a school logo on shirt, shorts, dress.   Match Tips: Keep up with the score. If you are serving, you should say the score aloud before each point. You should say the game score before you begin a new game and both players should agree.  High school scoring is the no-add scoring system.  First person or team to win 4 points wins the game.    Line Calls: If you can't make the call of out, then the point is for your opponent.   The line is not out. If the ball lands on the line,  it is a good shot.   Make your call of out loud and reinforce this by raising your hand. If your opponent misses a call, you may ask  "Are you Sure?".  If they say yes, then forget it and move on to the next point.   One bad call should not cost you the match.   Tennis Coaching Tips during the match usually  will not help you.   Usually, your game is not fixable during a match.   Improvement comes from summer tennis tournaments  and private tennis lessons and a work hard ethic,  along with  hitting  a lot of balls on a daily basis.   Tennis improvement  also includes playing competition matches and sets about 4 days per week, running 3 miles daily, running 10---40 yard sprints  every other day, and weight training.    If you are in good condition, sometimes you can defeat a stronger opponent just by getting the ball back over the net and waiting for your opponent to mess up.........   Tennis is an individual sport where you may practice at any time without the coach being present.      Home matches begin at ( 3:30or 4:00) pm..   However, everyone on the team should be  available to play anytime between 3 pm and 7 pm.   We try to let  a player play early for one home match and then rotate and let that player play late. We usually play doubles first..  All players should obtain an approximate time of their matches at 1st Break  (9:40 am)  on match day. All players should find out if they are playing on the day of match during first break.   NOTE:  ONLY the TOP 6 Positions play against other schools.    High School team matches in Alabama include:  six singles matches and three doubles matches. We play matches at home by splitting the courts- ----2 courts for girls matches and 2 courts for boys matches. In past years, we have lineup set by Feb. 20.  We begin with round robin matches against team members.  If you don't like your position,  then you must defeat 2 players above you, twice; with the last match observed by the coaching staff.   Once the season begins, the lineup remains about the same except for sickness.     Practice... ..Varsity Practice is everyday when weather permits. at least 45 degrees and no moisture on courts Check with Coach G at the courts  to be sure   668-2513 7th period and immediately after school (check with coach to see if there will be team practice).  Varsity Team Practice is Monday &Wednesday's  2:00---4:00  (check with coach to make sure there is practice)   Usually, we practice doubles during 7th Period.  We play some singles matches 7th and immediately  after school.  We have the ball machine available for one court.   In order for you to hit on ball machine,  you must pick up the balls before you hit.  Due to weather, check with Coach G  668-2513 to see  if there will be organized practice. Playing a set against one of your team members is usually more productive than just hitting balls back and forth with little effort.   Hitting on the Ball Machine should be a priority on match day.  (Just work on your strokes and feet preparation.    When you are having problems in a match  it is usually foot movement..........)   (Once the season begins, very little tennis instruction is done during practice time. We play matches of 8 game pro sets against each other.  The best time to obtain tennis lessons  and instruction is summertime.)   See local shoals area tennis professionals!!!!!!    Prices vary but begin at about $40/hour

   Temperature must be 48 degrees and not raining.   We practice many days even though it rained earlier in the day.   Organized J.V. Practice is usually from 3 til 4 on Wed.   (please check with coach each Wed)   All varsity players should play a set against someone or doubles teams everyday.  Of course, this may or may  not be observed by the coaches.   Tennis is an individual sport where you may practice at any time without the coach being present.     Pick you a partner to play against or pick a doubles partner and play another doubles team.  Coach G   Match Day Reminder  Do not check out on match day.  Bring your stuff       Coaching comments about other schools  should not be taken very seriously. My former experience of playing college tennis  and usta statewide tennis tournaments has given me a very high standard for tennis.  Don't take my comments of the other schools players negatively.   Some of my comments are in jest or sarcasm.  I will tell you what you need to work on.  I feel one of my better coaching attributes in coaching 30 years,  is recognizing the best players and identifying their weaknesses. Consistent  work habits  and "  competiveness spirit" usually takes several months to develop and sometimes several years.     Qualifying for the State Tornament is our goal  every year. To qualify, you must put in your time on the court.   You must play against someone several days a week.  Playing a set and keeping score.  You should play this set  just like a regular match against another school  to help you be at ease during all matches.  Don't clown around during practice matches as this leads to nervousness during real matches.    We try to play  j.v. matches each year for the younger players.   J.V. players should try to play tennis during their regular P.E. times...............   Uniforms:  shorts, t-shirt, dresses, tights, shoes All players must pay for team t-shirt, jackets, dresses, before they are ordered.  Order date is Feb. 1.  We strive for all players  to have the same shoes but this is not mandatory.    During our Spring  Krispy Kreme Fundraiser, we usually have two team meetings.   During these meetings,  all players should sign uniform sheet for proper sizes of jacket, t-shirt, shorts, dresses, shoes, etc.   Travel to Away Matches We usually travel by bus to away matches or by coach's car  including sectional and state matches. The travel team list is posted  at break on away matches. Check with coach for lineup on match day. Only 6 players will play unless opposing team has extra players. Only about 6 or 7 boys  play away matches.   If you are not in the top 8,  you are not required to travel for away matches.    Also,  your parent/guardian must be present at away matches to sign you out from riding bus home.