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  Mission Statement  


Franklin County School System Mission & Vision

     The Franklin County School System subscribes to the belief that the primary functions of the public schools is to promote the understanding, maintenance and improvement of the American way of life.  To that end, the curriculum in the Franklin County Schools shall promote the development of democratic values and shall be based on a program of instruction in academic, technical subjects, fine arts, vocational/technical skills, citizenship, cultural development and enhancement of moral and spiritual values.

     The responsibility for providing a free, appropriate education for all children and youth in Franklin County is placed on the Franklin County Board of Education by the Alabama Legislature.  In fulfilling this responsibility, the board will:

1.  Plan for program variety to allow for individual differences in mental abilities, physical stamina, learning styles and other factors, which      determine progress in the school program.

2.  Plan for educational opportunity for each individual who is eligible for enrollment in the school system.

3.  Employ competent personnel and counseling procedures during placement of individuals, which include conferences among pupils, parents, and teachers.

 4.  Support athletics and all school activities as an integral part of the local school program but to be supportive to the basic academic program.

5.  Insist on reasonable standards of behavior and application so that pupils' right to learn is protected and no pupil is permitted to infringe in any way on the right of his/her classmates to learn.

Red Bay High School Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Red Bay School is committed to maintaining a high quality, academically motivating, and safe environment that improves personal growth of students through College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS).


With this mission statement in mind, Red Bay School's vision is to partner with the community to promote academic excellence.

Our Beliefs:

  • Every student deserves a quality education.
  • Every student deserves a safe environment that promotes learning.
  • Every student possesses unique intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs.
  • Every individual needs consistent discipline.
  • Every individual has rights, and with those rights come responsibility.
  • Every individual has the right to learn unencumbered by lack of physical or emotional needs.
  • Teachers, staff, administrators, parents, and community members share in the responsibility for providing a supportive learning environment.

  About The School